What is Zcash paper?

Zcash refers to a decentralized cryptocurrency which is open source and offers a high degree of anonymity and privacy to users. These transactions are published on blockchains but the addresses of senders, recipients or the amount involved in transactions remain completely private. This cryptocurrency also makes use of highly advanced cryptographic techniques or zk-snarks which are zero-knowledge proofs. These help to verify transactions without giving away any extra information about such transactions.

Zcash paper refers to a paper wallet for Zcash which is hard to accomplish accurately or securely if you do not know how to go about it. For this Zcash paper, you need a secure and offline computer. You have to take a print out of the private key so as to create a paper wallet. This is a rather cost-effective way to make a wallet secure when you do not have the funds or means to get a hardware wallet. However, one should know the pros and cons of such a paper wallet well before creating it.

The Zcash address works like an email address which comprises of strings of letters and numbers. You can send these addresses to people and they can send back Zcash accordingly. The best and simplest way to fund Zcash wallets is to purchase Zcash and then send these to the wallet. You cannot buy cash from inside the wallet directly. When you are dealing with a lot of crypto coins it is better to choose a hardware wallet. You should also remember to create backups for your Zcash wallets. Else, you may lose a lot of cryptocurrencies when there are no backups available and the devices get hacked or stolen. It is also not wise to keep the Zcash on any exchange because these are also vulnerable to hacks. With Zcash prices soaring, the exchanges are likely to become the biggest targets. In the future, more wallets for Zcash are expected to come out given its growing popularity.

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