What is Zcash Mining?

Zcash is basically an autonomous cryptocurrency using z-snarks for making sure that all data concerning user transactions are safely encrypted. It should also be verifiable by the miners to be certain that there are no double spends. This uses the Equihash as its algorithm. This depends upon very high RAM requirements. Not all have a computer and how everyone will have the patience and time to do Zcash mining independently. This is all the truer as there is no GUI or Graphic User Interface. To mine Zcash, you will require a wallet for storing the funds. You will find many GUI wallets around and you may compare these.

Secondly, besides the wallet, you require a mining pool for contributing the hash power to. You can also compare features of multiple mining pools to take your pick. With both pool and wallet ready, you can begin digging. The Zcash networks of computers will mine in order to identify blocks for validating the transactions and to make the network secure. In exchange for this work, the miner will get ZEC. So, instead of signing up with an exchange to buy Zcash directly, some people support the network by mining and using their own personal computers.

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