What is Zcash history?

The original stated purpose for the advent of cryptocurrency Zcash was to bring about additional layers of security to the existing cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, LiteCoin etc. The exchanging code of cryptocurrencies Zcash is ZEC. The date on which Zcash cryptocurrency was originally introduced is 28 of October in the year 2016 that is precisely 15 months before. Zcash cryptocurrency is traded worldwide and has become the de facto silver standard in the world of cryptocurrencies.

The original Zcash cryptocurrency was put in place to take a leaf out of the cryptographic techniques so that users may feel an incremented level of privacy to the transactions as compared to a pool of cryptocurrencies which include the most used cryptocurrency Bitcoin. The zero coin protocol was enhanced and ultimately was turned into zero cash system which culminated in the formation of Zcash cryptocurrency in the year of 2016. Now the control and management of Zcash cryptocurrency lie with the zerocoin electrical coin company which is for the sake of speech referred to as Zcash company. The founder and chief executive officer of this zerocoin electric coin company is Mr. Zooko Wilcox-O'Hearn.

All the transactions which happen over the network of Zcash cryptocurrency follow the public model of a transparent blockchain which itself is a dissipated ledger of blocks; that is, all the transactions are mapped on the cryptographic network of Zcash cryptocurrency. By using an improved version of SHA 256 algorithm which underlies the Bitcoin cryptocurrency; Zcash cryptocurrency is able to offer incremented privacy to the people who wish to transact via Zcash cryptocurrency. This is the unique selling point why the privacy advocates have wholeheartedly put their support for that cash cryptocurrency.

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