What is Zcash game?

Cryptocurrency phenomenon has engulfed the world like it was never ever had in the past. As we all know cryptocurrency is a digitalized phenomenon which strives to replicate the model of monetary exchanging like we have with Fiat currencies such as euro, dollar pound etc. in a digitalized world which is free from the centralizing tendency of any of the world governments working over the principle of self-correction and regulation. After the invention of the concept of the blockchain, many of the cryptocurrencies of the type such as Bitcoin, LiteCoin have become very famous all around the world. We have seen a time in the December of the year 2017 when the prices of these digital assets went up by magnanimous proportions. It is due to the privacy aspect of these cryptocurrencies that people want to invest in these as they fear their money would be within the vigilant eyes of their respective governments.

There is an availability of online gaming platforms which charge their gaming fees in cryptocurrencies. Some games are not legal in some of the Nations because of the reason the government doesn't approve of their financial models. As such, to avoid getting caught by the law enforcement agencies online gaming forums have allowed the transaction of their gaming fees in cryptocurrencies such as Zcash.

In such a scenario these games which are played over the online mediums and accept the gaming fees in cryptocurrencies particularly in Zcash came to be known as Zcash games. There are available such gaming websites which allow people to play betting and betting is not legal in some countries. Due to the privacy aspects of Zcash cryptocurrency, people like to play these games and pay in Zcash cryptocurrency the fees of betting.

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