What is Zcash features?

Zcash coin is a kind of cryptocurrency just like that of a Bitcoin having additional and distinct features. In the same way of a Bitcoin, the Zcash cryptocurrency too is based on dissipated blockchain ledger but has additional features of maintaining the anonymity of the transactions such as hiding the identity of the sender, receiver, and the amount of money sent through the Zcash blockchain network. In the case of Bitcoin cryptocurrency if somebody is aware of somebody's wallet address he can trace the transactions happening over it having all the addresses in the blockchain as well as the amount of money transacted. However, in the case of Zcash cryptocurrency, it is not possible as all the information is encrypted. Hence Zcash is the encrypted version of Bitcoin.

A special feature known as zk-snark is deployed by the network of Zcash cryptocurrency by virtue of which is safe and secure logbook of all the balances is maintained without having to disclose the name of parties in a transaction, as well as the amounts too, is hidden. The total supply of Zcash cryptocurrency is equal to the total supply of Bitcoins that is 21 million coins. The mining algorithm of Zcash cryptocurrency is known as Equihash which is the main reason why such staunch privacy measures are put in place in case of Zcash cryptocurrency while they are absent in Bitcoin. The incremented emphasis on the privacy features makes the transactions happening over the network of Zcash and safe. It also makes it possible that third party intruders are not able to extract even an iota of information by studying the blockchain Explorer of Zcash as all the transactions are encrypted.

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