What is Zcash currency?

Zcash is one of the late trends in the domain of cryptocurrencies. The domain of cryptocurrency was put forward in a white paper put forward by a pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto who came up with the concept of blockchain and decentralized ledger of transactions. On the concept put forward by Satoshi Nakamoto Bitcoin which was the world's first cryptocurrency came forward and made waves around the world.

The concept of cryptocurrency became a hit very soon and mesmerized by the success of Bitcoin many new cryptocurrencies started coming up. Some of these cryptocurrencies had a competitive advantage over the previous coins while some coins were a simplified version of the previous coins where the creators envisioned that they want to remove some of the shortcomings presents in the previous coin by altering the open source blockchain which is available for everyone to be altered. Forking process of the blockchain of any cryptocurrency shall depend upon the consensus which is built within the creator community of that particular cryptocurrency.

Zcash is a decentralized cryptocurrency like every one of the other cryptocurrencies and opens sourced. Experts call it a promising cryptocurrency of the future. Some experts who are instrumental in security mechanism of the crypto word have come up with their articulation and strong support of Zcash by calling it a safer version of Bitcoin. The privacy mechanism of the Zcash is way better than the Bitcoin. However on the front of transparency too; the blockchain is maintained in a great way. Zcash provides an additional layer of security to the transactions by recording and publishing all of the transaction over the blockchain but the details of a recipient, the amount as well as the name of sender remains private. Mr. Zuko Wilcox is the founder of Zcash. The mission and vision statement of Zcash is to allow merchants and consumers lying globally to have a better control over the details which they want to share over a word widespread blockchain.

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