What is Zcash cryptocurrency?

Zcash is a type of cryptocurrency the stated mission and aim of which is to utilize the cryptographic techniques so that it may be able to provide incremented privacy to the people who are its consumers as compared to any other cryptocurrencies be it Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero etc. Earlier the Zcash cryptocurrency was based upon the zero cash protocol which was further improved upon and ultimately was transformed to a system which was came to known as zero cash system which was designed and developed further to Zcash cryptocurrency in the year of 2016.

Finally the control of Zcash cryptocurrency came up with zerocoin electric coin company which now in common is often called as Zcash Company. Like any other cryptocurrency the payments which are done over the network of Zcash cryptocurrency are published in an open ledger known as public blockchain. However with the open nature of the blockchain which is inherent in the cryptocurrency the incremented features of privacy which are however optional but are provided to the users so that he may hide the sender the amount being transferred and the address of recipient as well.

Like any other cryptocurrency Zcash shares many of the features. In the same way as that of Bitcoin the total number of coins with could ever be generated by the algorithm of that cash cryptocurrency remain stable at 21 million tokens or units. But there being a transparency mechanism already in existence with Zcash cryptocurrency there also exist a publicly available blockchain which records all the transactions however minimum level of privacy which hides this sender, the recipient, as well as the amount transferred is an additional advantage of using Zcash cryptocurrency.

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