What is Zcash creator?

Zcash coin creator is the name of the hardware which is used for the mining purpose of Zcash cryptocurrency. Usually, the hardware or the creators which are used for the mining purpose of the cryptocurrencies remain the same for different cryptocurrencies as the underlying algorithm of cryptocurrencies remains the same despite having surficial differences among them. The requirement of creators or the hardware is necessary because the mining algorithm is too complex a function to be solved by a human intelligence therefore advanced mechanism for the mining purpose of cryptocurrencies is required. In the earlier days of cryptocurrency when people were very less aware of the phenomenon of digital transactions it was possible that the central processing unit of their respective personal computers could be made into a mining machine or the creator of the cryptocurrencies be it Zcash cryptocurrency or Bitcoin or Monero or Ripple or Ethereum and such other 1300 cryptocurrencies.

However, things went on and with the increment in the number of people interested in the mining of cryptocurrencies the CPU, hardware was considered to be least efficient for the mining purpose as they take up a higher amount of electrical power as an input and produce very less mining resources due to their inherent hardware constraints.

The mining of cryptocurrency is then used to be started on the graphical processing units of the computers which are advanced pieces of hardware used for supporting high end computer games. Hence mining rigs were made up by putting in parallel many graphical processing units so that they may add up to the hardware required to produce the requisite mining power for the creation of cryptocurrencies by process of cryptocurrency mining. Nowadays even these GPU mining machines are no longer a viable methodology to be employed for the purpose of cryptocurrency mining hence application specific integrated circuits which are also known as ASIC is introduced for the mining of cryptocurrency such as Zcash.

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