What is Zcash crash?

There has been rumors surrounding the cryptocurrency phenomenon that such unprecedented heights in the prices of cryptocurrencies would ultimately result in the down falling in the prices. This is speculated phenomenon that ultimately cryptocurrency shall fail is known as crash. Predominantly such discussions of crash are more concerned of Bitcoin which is the premium cryptocurrency which has reached prices of 20000 US dollars in the December in the year 2017. In the July of year 2017 the prices of Bitcoin cryptocurrency were around $6,000.

Bitcoin was surging in its prices all over the cryptocurrency exchanges of the world and if we talk of the statistics then we would find that in the year 2017 the overall surging in the prices of Bitcoin went up by 2000 %. This is a whopping price increment which led to some monetary experts to speculate that the prices shall burst and this condition is often known as Bitcoin crash. Ultimately the discussions of crashing in cryptocurrencies also trickled down to other cryptocurrencies such as Zcash. Zcash along with Bitcoin and ripple and some of the cryptocurrencies showed unprecedented growth in the year 2017 and it was bound to happen that people would talk of the crash in Zcash too.

However there are certain set of monetary experts which are adamant of not accepting this crash hypothesis and are very sure that cryptocurrency phenomenon can never fail and more and more cryptocurrencies in search of privacy aspects and decentralized nature shall came over. Zcash is a specialized cryptocurrency which is privacy based. Zcash excels in those parameters in which other cryptocurrencies terribly fail. Those parameters are the protection of the privacy of the person who is transacting, the recipient and the amount transacted.

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