What is Zcash CPU mining?

CPU mining is a process in which the computing resources of a central processing unit of a personal computer is deployed for mining of Zcash cryptocurrency. The first cryptocurrency Bitcoin came to the advent in the event when Satoshi Nakamoto whom nobody knows who he is passed his white paper in an internet forum regarding the possibility of a digital cryptocurrency as that which is free from the clutches of any centralized authority. Finally Bitcoin came to the advent and soon become very famous that its popularity reached such levels that on the pattern of Bitcoin 1300 cryptocurrencies started getting traded over the cryptocurrency exchanges of the world.

The creation of cryptocurrency is done through solving of complex algorithmic problems by using computerized resources. In earlier days the number of cryptocurrency coins which were not extracted or unmined were greater and the number of people who were trying to mine the cryptocurrency were lesser. Therefore it was possible that cryptocurrency could be mined using easy resources such as personal computers Central Processing Unit. This process of mining of Zcash cryptocurrency by using personal computing resources that is central processing unit is known as CPU mining.

Soon the popularity of cryptocurrencies raised and more and more people came up in the process of mining and started deploying whatever computing resources they had got. The mining procedure depends upon the mining resources one has got therefore people started employing new ideas for mining such as making a mining rig by joining many graphical processing units for the purpose of mining. Graphical processing units are an addendum to the Central Processing Unit is the process of graphics processing so that heavy games could easily be played on limited resources personal computer. Then it was found that GPU mining was not sufficient for getting ample amount of cryptocurrency be it Monero, Bitcoin, etc. Then there comes the entry of a specialized hardware known as application specific integrated circuits which were deployed to mine the cryptocurrency and CPU mining became a thing of past that is became obsolete.

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