What is Zcash Coin-Jar?

Coin jar is the name of a wallet service for cryptocurrencies. This type of cryptocurrency wallet is most popular over the mobile devices. These mobile devices are smart phones or tablets using Android operating system or iOS which is Apple's mobile operating system. However, there is also the availability of applications for coin jar’s cryptocurrency wallets over desktop systems. Coin jar is an Australia based company which also owns a cryptocurrency exchange there and conversion is allowed between the Bitcoin and Australian dollars. It is popularly known in the media as the Coinbase of Australia.

Such analogies are drawn because what position coin jar holds in Australia is the same which is held by Coinbase in the United States of America. Its popularity has reached great momentum and is not able to be surpassed by its competitors in Australia or abroad. As it was told earlier that it is a mobile platform based cryptocurrency wallet service hence its application is available to be downloaded from both the apple play store as well as from android play store. It allows the centralized validation of the users for the purpose of KYC. The two-factor authentication is the feature which makes the wallet safe and secure from hackers and crackers so that it is not possible to steel the cryptocurrency from your digital wallet without authenticating it from a user of the wallet.

Currently, it only supports the holding of Bitcoin cryptocurrency but there are talks and rumors going on in a market which suggest that soon it shall be possible to store other cryptocurrencies such as Zcash, Ripple, Monero, Litecoin etc. Nowadays, Zcash cryptocurrency has become very famous among the enthusiasts for privacy because of its advanced privacy features thereby using them it is possible to hide the name of a sender, recipient, as well as the amount sent over the network.

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