What is Zcash code?

Zcash code is a reference towards the internal coding structure of the Zcash cryptocurrency which is contained in its blockchain. All of us are well aware that Zcash cryptocurrency like any other cryptocurrency works over the principle of blockchain which is the distributed and decentralized ledger of all the transactions happening with in the ecosystem of the Zcash cryptocurrency. So the code that is the programming which is contained within the blockchain is what which determines the shape and the way in which these Zcash cryptocurrency would move and describing its features such as block generation rate, the algorithm which needs to be solved to produce new cryptocurrency tokens of Zcash etc. are contained in the code.

The code of Zcash is significantly similar to the code of Bitcoin cryptocurrency except in certain aspects which make it exceptionally privacy oriented among the 1300 cryptocurrencies which are present in the world and are all thriving. First of all the algorithm for mining Zcash cryptocurrency is known as Equihash which is the lighter version of SHA 256 of Bitcoin cryptocurrency. By the Zcash cryptocurrency it is possible to place a special emphasis on the privacy aspects of cryptocurrency such as the hiding of information regarding the transaction be at the name of recipient or the amount transferred.

Other differences are its block generation time which is only possible through the special alterations made in the code of Zcash cryptocurrency by which it takes almost 25% of the time of what Bitcoin takes to generate a new block. During the last year's December we have seen unprecedented rise in the prices of cryptocurrencies all over the cryptocurrency exchanges of the world. Bitcoin was an out king while other cryptocurrencies such as Zcash, Monero, Ripple etc. too followed the trend.

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