What is Zcash circulation?

Zcash circulation refers to the exercise of usage of Zcash cryptocurrency as a medium of trading and exchanging over the world. The concept of cryptocurrency is based on the assumption that a digitally decentralized currency should come up as an alternative methodology of payments and exchange of goods and services which is free from the control of any of the centralized authority of the world be it the National Bank of the nation or the government itself. The reason behind this assertion is that the controlling authority of the government tends to manipulate the market mechanism as per the wishes of the government or the monetary policy of the nation.

The mechanism altering with the currency of the Nations is not transparent therefore the privacy, as well as transparency advocates of the world, have for long lobbying for a mechanism by which a complete transparency in the payments through the Fiat currencies could be maintained. Hence a computer scientist the name of whom is Satoshi Nakamoto came up with a concept of blockchain which could be a decentralized ledger of all the transactions happening over the network and every transaction to be verified through every one of the nodes presents within the system of cryptocurrency. Based on the concept of blockchain world's first cryptocurrency Bitcoin came up. The reason for circulation of cryptocurrencies is the same reason by which they exist; that is, to provide an alternative mechanism for exchanging of goods and merchandise.

Therefore this term Zcash cryptocurrency circulation refers to the activity of people purchasing goods and services by cryptocurrency Zcash and not through the national currencies of their respective Nations as the advocates of privacy and transparency feel that the government currency system is prone to monetary manipulations.

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