What is Zcash Cap?

Zcash is a privacy-oriented type of cryptocurrency which has become one of the top 10 digital currencies in terms of total market cap as on 4th of April in such a short period of time. This digital cryptocurrency which is launched in the year of 2016 to utilize its exclusive zero proof of work algorithm which are known as ZK snarks has helped to maintain the utmost privacy towards its users. The cryptocurrency has jumped up to the level of dollars 64 million to reach the spot of being the top 10 cryptocurrencies of the world in terms of total market capitalization.

The major reason why the total marketplace capitalization is rising sharply in Zcash cryptocurrency is that of its protocol token known as ZEC the supply of which is incrementing by virtue of its blocked production rate coming up every two and a half minutes that is precisely 150 seconds. The privacy aspects of Zcash cryptocurrency is what which makes it quite different and advance from other cryptocurrencies. We have 1300 cryptocurrencies till now and Zcash is the only cryptocurrency which has got such a solid mechanism to hide the transactions from the third party attacks. Its source code is based upon the source code of Bitcoin but there are significant differences in terms of underlying mechanization and implementation of that code over the mining hardware such as application specific integrated circuits while Bitcoin utilizes SHA 256 algorithm this Zcash cryptocurrency has Equihash algorithm at its base. By virtue of its lighter code, the procedure of mining Zcash cryptocurrency is even possible to be mined on lighter machines which are made by grouping together the graphical processing units for its sake.

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