What is Zcash Bubble?

Zcash cryptocurrency is a forked version of Bitcoin cryptocurrency which came up as secure and safe methodology payment via cryptocurrency. The concept of cryptocurrencies states that the ledger of public transactions shall be made available for everyone in the network to be read. Bitcoin has its own flaws such as not having sufficient privacy mechanisms. Because of this reason many of the entrepreneurs wanted the concept of cryptocurrency but the privacy features of Bitcoin were not sufficient enough to hide the identity of the sender, receiver as well as the amount sent.

Therefore came the cryptocurrencies Zcash which utilizes zero proof of work algorithm to hide the nodes which are transacting however the public ledger is still maintained. Regarding the bubble; bubble is a condition where the prices of any commodity rise up to that level where it becomes non-tenable to sustain. Such things happen when a certain commodity traded is oversubscribed over a stock exchange in speculation of the great price returns. However in reality such oversubscription of any commodity or cryptocurrency or in this case that Zcash cryptocurrency could not last long and ultimately the bubble has to bust. So, in such scenarios if bubble condition comes up.

Such a condition is speculated for Zcash cryptocurrency also. However till date not such a bubble has happened neither the busting of bubble seems on table. However some monetary experts are of the view that the cryptocurrency itself is a bubble and ultimately it shall burst. However we have seen huge rising in the prices of Bitcoin in the December of the Year 2017 but still there is no proof that a bubble shall ever happen in any of the cryptocurrencies be it Zcash or Monero or Bitcoin.

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