What is Zcash bootstrap?

In general terms, the meaning of bootstrapping is a process of auto starting the procedure which is made to proceed in absence of any outward input. Particularly in the field of Computer technology this word bootstrapping which is often shortened to the term booting means a procedure of loading the bare software towards the physical memory of a personal computer after switching on or making a general sort of reset. Especially this process is related to loading of an operating system in the memory which ultimately shall take care of all the processes which shall proceed with the stipulated algorithm.

The term has its origin in 19th century Silicon Valley of United States of America. Hence, this word bootstrapping or booting is the process by which a computer or any electronic device working over a programmable piece of code known as software can be started. It has with it a chain of events associated so that in a step-by-step manner the processes could occur. Regarding the Zcash bootstrapping the process means starting up the operating system so that the mining procedure of Zcash cryptocurrency over any AntMiner application specific Integrated circuit the procedure of mining could happen.

The mining process of Zcash cryptocurrency like any other cryptocurrency’s mining depends upon the solution of a mathematical problem is possessed by the algorithm of that particular cryptocurrency. Therefore specialized hardware is required to be loaded into the memory so that the mining algorithm could work upon it and by using the advanced computing resources mining procedure could carry on. So, the process involves bootstrapping of the Zcash mining algorithm which is Equihash in this case. Once the process is over the subsequent steps of mining are followed on their own as they are fed up in the application specific integrated circuit that is the mining hardware related to the AntMiner.

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