What is Zcash blockchain size?

Right now Zcash is in the procedure of testing two megabytes of block size produced every 150 seconds that is precisely 2.5 minutes. On the other hand, the private transactions happening over this Zcash network has much bigger size than that of a bitcoin transaction thereby it has bigger and swift block generation but it doesn't mean that these Zcash cryptocurrency shall have bigger output or thought put than that of Bitcoin. It is often said that Zcash cryptocurrency is https that is hypertext transfer protocol secure of the cryptocurrency world while the Bitcoin remains simply at http that is devoid of socket security layer protection.

What it really means is the privacy of the transactions is actually maintained by using the network and the inherent underlying blockchain technology of Zcash cryptocurrency. The original stated purpose of Zcash cryptocurrency was to have a lighter and swifter version of Bitcoin cryptocurrency where the transaction time amounts to almost 10 minutes that is 600 seconds which is considerable legging for such big network having millions of nodes which are ever in the process of transaction. By effective usage of Equihash algorithm which is a lighter version and AntMiner friendly algorithm decoders of Zcash cryptocurrency are able to rework and bring the block generation time to almost 25% of what it is in Bitcoin.

Last year in the month of October the Bitcoin has registered steep surges whereby it reached the price of 20,000 US dollars but over the cryptocurrency exchanges which lie all over the world. During this upheaval period other cryptocurrencies too such as Zcash has registered great growth all due to its privacy mechanism and the lesser block generation time which is only possible due to its deployment of Equihash algorithm as the base for code as well as for mining.

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