What is Zcash blockchain?

Zcash is a cryptocurrency the stated aim of which is to provide crypto graphical transactions with incremented privacy as compared to other cryptocurrencies. This Zcash is an improved version of Zerocoin protocol and ultimately was transformed into Zerocash system. This protocol was finally implemented in the year 2016. The blockchain of Zcash publishes each and every payment which is made in this particular cryptocurrency over a public logbook. People who transact in this Zcash cryptocurrency have the option of putting a veil over their identity as well as over the identity of the receiver. Also if they need they can also hide the amount they are sending or receiving. This feature of the blockchain of Zcash makes it certainly more user friendly and privacy concerned as compared to other cryptocurrencies in the league.

A distinct feature of this Zcash currency token is that they can lie either in a pool which is shielded or they may choose to be in a transparent pool. The latest data which came up in December of year 2017 demonstrated that only 5% of the total available Zcash coins were lying in the shielded pool and the rest of those were in a transparent pool. However there was a certain inherent capping which avoided the development of Zcash wallets which are available over the mobile platforms. Also there were very few of the desktop wallets which could be opened over a web based portal.

The blockchain of the Zcash has an additional feature which provides the sender or receiver the option of selectively disclosing his identity so that any third party auditing of the transaction could be done in case of any law related discrepancy. This disclosure clause which is inherent in the Zcash cryptocurrency blockchain makes it the most government friendly cryptocurrency of the world.

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