What is Zcash block time?

The block generation time in the Zcash cryptocurrency stands at two and a half minutes that is 150 seconds. It is possible because these Zcash cryptocurrencies algorithm of blockchain employees Equihash algorithm. It is a major improvement over the SHA 256 algorithm which is the underlying basic code for the world's first cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Bitcoin was world's first cryptocurrency which was formed over the conceptual hypothesis as proposed by Satoshi Nakamoto which is a pseudonym till date and no one really knows who that person is.

The block generation time in Bitcoin, the world’s first cryptocurrency stands at 10 minutes for going towards the next block in the blockchain during the process of mining of Bitcoin cryptocurrency. So one has to wait for 600 seconds which is a considerable time if we compare it to alternative cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Ripple, and Monero etc.

The reason why Zcash cryptocurrency is so famous among the privacy enthusiasts is because of the reason it effectively encrypts the information of the person who is undergoing a transaction. It not only hides the information regarding the sender but it also make it anonymous the information regarding the receiver. Not just this but it also encrypts and covers up the amount sent over. This is the precise reason why Zcash cryptocurrency has got that reputation of being the true cryptocurrency among the people who wants to remain anonymous while for the purpose of mining and transacting. As there is no single central point of control and all the nodes present within the blockchain are to be informed of every transaction happenings hence there could never happen a fraud or irrational price control.

This is the only reason why some people prefer cryptocurrencies as a valid means of goods and services exchanging. Even some of the biggest banks of the world are deploying the blockchain technology to secure their transactions so that there remains and utter transparency and lesser requirement of constraint abiding.

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