What is Zcash block reward?

The mining algorithm which underlies the mining procedure of Zcash cryptocurrency is known as Equihash. The advent of Zcash cryptocurrency started in the year 2008. Till that date many cryptocurrencies numbering over 1300 have come up and the number is still counting. This huge number of cryptocurrencies which are prevailing over the cryptocurrency exchanges which are situated over the geographically diverse places of the world speaks volumes about the popularity of the idea of block rewards and blockchains. The idea of alternative cryptocurrencies came up as a competition for the premium and world’s first cryptocurrency the name of which is Bitcoin and many of these alternative cryptocurrencies which are locally known as Altcoins are having substantial market share and considerable circulation.

The main feature of Zcash cryptocurrencies is that it is the secure version of Bitcoin. It provides the socket security layer which is known as https while making the transactions thereby effectively encrypting the information which is sent over the network and there is no chance that a third party might attack the data in the middle of transmission and know about the where abouts of where the data has been sent. The privacy features which are offered by the Zcash cryptocurrencies are no match to any other cryptocurrencies.

Like all cryptocurrencies the Zcash cryptocurrency too is based upon the concept of blockchain whereby every one of the node present in the ecosystem of Zcash is informed of all the transactions which are happening in the network by making effectively a decentralized logbook of transactions. However, all the transactions are public but the data is encrypted therefore no other node can infer the transaction address as well as the amount sent over the network. This blockchain which is made up of individual block rewards which are provided while one do the mining process employs a specialized hardware. Therefore the blockchain reward is founding stone of Zcash cryptocurrency.

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