What is Zcash Benchmark?

Benchmarking is a process of awarding the grades or marks over a stipulated time on certain parameters. Over time certain benchmarking of different parameters are done over the different cryptocurrencies as well as on stocks and shares. Hence, Zcash cryptocurrency too is benchmarked against various parameters to check it if it is worth investing or not. Benchmarking firms often provide grades and credit ratings to companies so that based upon these predictions investors may form their opinion regarding a particular stock or share or in this case of Zcash cryptocurrency.

By all standards Bitcoin remains the undoubted king of cryptocurrencies by having the major exchanges trading over it and speculating over it. Following the same trend of the Bitcoin 1300 cryptocurrencies have already entered the domain of crypto world and with varying degrees of success arriving in the market. For a person who wishes to invest in cryptocurrency it is binding on him to go by the different benchmarking standards so that he may choose to pick one or two cryptocurrencies’ initial coin offering to invest his money in. This is the whole stated purpose of Zcash cryptocurrency benchmarking.

Many such firms exist which benchmark cryptocurrencies which are available all over the internet. Zcash cryptocurrency is one of the very few cryptocurrencies which offer zero proof of work algorithm for its transactions. By using this algorithm one is able to effectively keep his transactions thereby all the data related to the transaction be at the sender information or the receiver information or the amount of money which is transacted remains invisible to third parties. And these third parties also include the nodes which are present within the ecosystem of the network of Zcash cryptocurrency.

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