What is Zcash balance?

The balance of Zcash cryptocurrency refers to the amount in Zcash which is displayed in the wallet application of Zcash cryptocurrency after the happening of transaction. It is same as that of bank account balance which is displayed after every transaction in the banking app. Either you receive Zcash cryptocurrency or you send cryptocurrency the balance amount has to display the difference by adjusting the amount of Zcash cryptocurrency transacted over the blockchain of that cryptocurrency. The concept of balance is not exclusive just to Zcash cryptocurrency but it also present in every one of the cryptocurrency wallet apps that Bitcoin, Monero, Ripple etc. The same vocabulary of balance credit and debit is also used in banking systems up on which the cryptocurrency system is based.

In actuality the cryptocurrency methodology tries to replicate the system of traditional banking channels by having a non-centralized mechanism and control free execution of the rules. Generally the usual banking system is a centralized banking system where the rules of governance of the finances of the banking is governed by the central bank of a particular Nation. But on the contrary in the field of crypto assets the blockchain is the constituent mechanism which itself is a decentralized logbook of all the nodes and the transactions happening over the network; therefore every one of the node is in synchronization with every one of the node present so that any kind of mischievousness or fiddling with the system is not possible in case of cryptocurrencies.

Using the same concept default applications of cryptocurrencies are developed which act as a front end for the underlying processes which run by the algorithm of the respective cryptocurrencies and in this case it is Zcash cryptocurrency which works over the Equihash mining algorithm.

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