What is Zcash atm?

Zcash ATM is that type of machine which runs over the network of internet to allow an individual exchanging of Zcash well as the cash. Some kind of ATMs allow two directional functionality to enable the purchase of Zcash cryptocurrency with the option of redemption of that cash with Zcash. While in some cases it also happens that individuals who wish to transact by using the Zcash ATM have to have an already existing account so that they may transact over that ATM machine. ATM stands for automatic teller machine.

The basic functionality of an ATM is that it allows the user to withdraw the cash with the account by using a smart card which could be a debit card or credit card depending upon the service provided by the bank. Hence, ATM machine came very handy when people don't want to stand in a queue in a bank and can without the help of any human intervention just by pressing certain buttons and putting their card provided by the bank they can transact that is withdraw the money in Zcash. The same concept of ATM has been expanded to cryptocurrencies be it Bitcoin or Ethereum or Zcash in this case. Zcash being a one of the most famous cryptocurrencies of the world it was bound to happen that certain vendors start allowing the transaction using an ATM and same has been done. It is due to Zcash ATM machines that people are able to transact Zcash cryptocurrency by converting the Zcash balance into the respective based of the place of origin of that ATM machine.

Hence it is now possible that Zcash ATMs also act as ATM of other cryptocurrencies to where people can just transact any of the cryptocurrency wallet address by using a card which is provided by the cryptocurrency exchange.

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