What is Zcash app?

Zcash app refers to the mobile platform application of Zcash cryptocurrency to be used for mining of Zcash or for storage the amount earned in Zcash through cryptographic exchanges or through somebody sending the money. These Zcash apps are available for a variety of platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows operating system and Java phones too. The inherent purpose of Zcash apps is to help a user to visualize what inherently he is doing while mining. The actual mining operation is done by the hardware in the backend process. The frontend app which is available for mobile platforms, as well as desktop platforms, helps the user to have a real-time view of what's happening inside the complex algorithmic problems which are solved by the specialized application specific integrated circuits. ASIC miners are primarily used to mine any cryptocurrency.The full form of ASIC is application specific integrated circuits

Earlier it was possible to mine any cryptocurrency be it Zcash or Bitcoin or Ethereum through personal computers. However, with the advent of more and more people into the domain of mining of cryptocurrency, it no longer remained viable to mine cryptocurrency through the computer’s CPU or the graphical processing units of the gaming computers. The difficulty level of solving algorithm implementation becomes higher as there is an upper capping put upon by the inherent algorithm of Zcash or any other cryptocurrency that the total number of coins which could be mined are limited. This limitation causes the difficulty level of future miners to rise. Therefore new miners shall have to employ specialized hardware to mine any cryptocurrency. This problem is solved by dedicated mining through purchasing specialized ASIC miners or venturing out the process of mining to any third party cloud mining vendor.

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