What is Zcash algorithm?

By the term Zcash coin algorithm we mean of the proof of work algorithm which is behind the production or the mining of the cryptocurrency Zcash. In this case for the cryptocurrencies Zcash algorithm is Equihash. Equihash is a type of memory based proof of work kind of algorithm which is developed in the Luxembourg University’s center of Reliability, Trust and Security. The people behind the Equihash algorithm are Dmitry Khovratovic and Alex Biryukov who were research students in University of Luxembourg which came up with their latest innovation of a proof of work algorithm Equihash which is behind the concept of Zcash cryptocurrency.

It was proposed in the year 2016 in San Diego. Finally the cryptocurrencies Zcash integrated the proof of work algorithm Equihash in the April of the Year 2016 for reasons of betterment including ASIC miner resistance, privacy, and security. By the technical experts it has been proved that the algorithm Equihash is able to centralize the whole procedure of mining so that different nodes present in the mining pool may utilize their resources effectively by centralizing the computing power using different hardware pieces for that. Hence the mining algorithm Equihash is behind Zcash mining proof of work.

The stated purpose of the advent of Zcash cryptocurrency is to provide better security and privacy features which were lacking in the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. A special protocol for its formation known as zero Coin protocol was modified and ultimately transferred to form the zero cash system which finally developed into the format of Zcash cryptocurrency in the year 2016. Zero coin electric company is the group which is responsible for executing the code of Zcash cryptocurrency. Therefore the integration of Equihash algorithm is complete in Zcash proof of work concept.

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