What is Zcash address?

Zcash address is a term which is related to the wallet of Zcash cryptocurrency. Like a physical wallet one can have a cryptocurrency wallet too. The only difference between a physical wallet and a cryptocurrency wallet is that the amount which is put in a cryptocurrency wallet is stored over a third party server which is lying at a distance from us. Therefore to transact through a cryptocurrency wallet the amount gets reduced from the amount stored at the third party server of the wallet service provider of that particular cryptocurrency. Therefore one needs to have a unique Zcash address if one needs to transact in Zcash cryptocurrency.

The unique Zcash address would ultimately help to uniquely determine the account of a particular person so that the transaction could cleanly be done. Depending upon the wallet service provider the Zcash address could have varied formats. In most of the cases the address of Zcash wallet belonging to a particular user is a set of strings mapped to a particular cryptocurrency wallet service provider. Like email address the Zcash cryptocurrency wallet address too has @ sign between the two sets of a strings. The string set lying to the left of @ sign denotes the login ID of a particular account. The string set which lies to the right hand side of @ sign denotes the unique address of the wallet service provider of the cryptocurrency Zcash.

The main advantage of using cryptocurrency wallets is the interoperability of various cryptocurrency wallets through their Zcash addresses. What it means is a person using a wallet service from A wallet service provider having X as his cryptocurrency wallet address can send or receive money in cryptocurrency to the B cryptocurrency wallet service providers address at Y. This interoperability clause which is inherent in the services of Zcash cryptocurrency wallet service providers makes it an easy way so that the liquidity of the cryptocurrency is maintained in the same way as the physical wallet maintains.

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