What is rainbow Zcash bank?

The rainbow cryptocurrency is one of the very first cryptocurrencies of the world which are openly crowdsourced. We have more than 1300 cryptocurrencies which are thriving in the market out of which Bitcoin is the first. The original source code of the rainbow cryptocurrency has been made by people which are present all over the world in all the seven continents over the internet. The creators of rainbow cryptocurrency are spread across 160 Nations across the world. It is often said by the promotion group of rainbow cryptocurrency that for the first time it has happened in the world that a cryptocurrency has come up which is wholly and solely managed by the people, belongs to people and is made by the people. The currently traded price of rainbow cryptocurrency is 0.01 dollars of United States.

On the other hand, Zcash cryptocurrency is sometimes called as silver in the world of cryptocurrencies where the gold is bitcoin. People also say that https of cryptocurrencies is Zcash where S stands for security and privacy which are lacking in other cryptocurrencies. There were talks in the market that Rainbow mechanism of crowdsourcing code shall be deployed in Zcash cryptocurrency to come up with an online bank of cryptocurrencies where the leader shall be Zcash cryptocurrency. Hence the term Zcash coin rainbow has made inroads in search engine terms.

However, after that rumors nothing substantial has happened as such and we have yet to receive any information regarding any such virtual Bank coming to be realized. The privacy mechanism of that cash cryptocurrency makes it possible that the information regarding the sender, the receiver, as well as the amount sent over the network of Zcash cryptocurrency, remains anonymous and no third party by launching a man in the middle attack is able to detect the information regarding the transaction. Hence a perfect transaction safety is offered by using Zcash blockchain.

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