What is ASIC Zcash miner?

Zcash is one of the non-premium cryptocurrencies in the domain of 1300+ cryptocurrencies prevalent in the world. Like every other cryptocurrency Zcash cryptocurrency too provides a blockchain which is dissipated and decentralized free from the control of any central authority. It provides anonymity to the utilizers as well as to the transactions which are happening over the network of Zcash. As already said that Zcash is similar to Bitcoin in most of the aspects except barring a few. Like Bitcoin Zcash too is open source.

On the other hand, the level of privacy that Zcash provides is greater than that of Bitcoin. Zcash is traded as ZEC over the cryptocurrency exchanges of the world. The full form of ASIC is application specific integrated circuit. It is a specialized hardware which is put to use to solve the complicated algorithmic problems which arose by the inherent coding of the Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency which is prevalent in the market. Use the term Zcash ASIC miner we mean that particular ASIC miner which has been modified to specifically perform the function of mining of Zcash cryptocurrency. In the earlier days of cryptocurrency phenomenon when this concept was new people were able to mine the cryptocurrency using the central processing units of their personal computers at their homes.

However, as more and more people came into the domain of cryptocurrency mining the equilibrium of demand and supply of cryptocurrency got disturbed. This caused the need for greater computing resources to mine the similar amount of cryptocurrency as it was possible in the earlier days. Hence, people starting deploying graphical processing units of the gaming hardware as GPUs provide greater computing resources which are needed to perform the cryptographic hash processing. However, soon it became clear that GPUs are not that much efficient as was required. Hence the specialized application specific integrated circuits or ASIC miner were put to use for mining the Zcash cryptocurrency.

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