What is Vertcoin?

Vertcoin is a cryptocurrency that can be transferred to people through internet globally. VTC is a financial system that is owned by the users and there is no intervention of third party in between. It is not managed or controlled by any government and financial authority. The digital currency is mined for profitability and distributed without ICO or airdrop. Invented by community members (working as volunteers, Vertcoin project is funded through donations. The cryptocurrency helps in keeping the money safe and ensures transaction fees should be shared and proportionate equally in all miners.

How to mine Vertcoin?

Vertcoin mining helps in making transactions and secure the network; however it is also an ideal way to earn Vertcoin as profit. You can mine Vertcoin through Graphic Cards (GPUs) and get profits. In addition, you can also get stared with Vertcoin mining through a Vertcoin wallet.

The digital currency uses Lyra2RE (v2) algorithm and the average time of placing a new block on the blockchain of Vertcoin is 2.5 minutes. After placing a block successfully on the blockchain, a miner or group of miners get rewarded with 50 coins per block. The current price of Vertcoin (VTC) is $3.47.

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