What is QR code

QR code expands to quick response code. It is the symbol for a matrix barcode. QR code was first designed in Japan for use in the automotive industry. When doing a bitcoin transaction, problems were arising on how to make a bitcoin payment. In the sense, how will the person paying to know where the payment can be made. A bitcoin address is a combination of characters which required a person to manually type in the characters. Any error would mean transaction going into the wrong account.

A QR code is a machine-readable data and more reliable. The recipient displays a QR code with the bitcoin address for a transaction while the person paying uses their mobile phone to scan the QR code and obtain the bitcoin address. There is a mobile app called barcode scanner which is the most commonly used app for Android users.  Using the app, you can touch the QR code button and launch a barcode scanner app. Once the scan is completed the QR code data along with the bitcoin address is generated. The person paying just should click on the send button and it completes the bitcoin transaction. QR codes can be used in web-based wallets but it requires the users to manually copy paste the clipboard contents.

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