What is POI?

POI is abbreviated as Proof of Importance and referred as NEM cornerstone. To keep a close eye on cryptocurrency ecosystems, POI is very important. It is an algorithm used to record the transactions time. It uses NCDawareRank network to measure the centrality, transaction graph topology, and other signals in order to achieve consensus. Apart from this, Proof of Importance is different from others as it uses fee-sharing model. Usually, a user need to have a huge amount of Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies in order to make a new block; however in NEM transactions, trust and volume are the most important factors. NEM is designed to motivate users for not only hold XEM, but also make transactions.

In addition, it is quite important to note down the Proof of Importance of NEM to avoid manipulation. Owing to this technology, Loop and Sybil attacks are totally mitigated. However, it is very important to know that proof of stake and proof of importance are two different things, though they are parallel to each other. All in all, Proof of Importance is a system that is working efficiently for the ecosystem of NEM.

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