What is Orphan Block?

Orphan or detached blocks are valid blocks but not a part of the blockchain. These blocks get created when miners place block on the blockchain at the same time. Also, orphan block can get created by a hacker or attacker who is doing attempt to reverse transactions.

In simple words, an orphan block is the one that does not possess any known in the blockchain. Different from stale block (a block that is not a part of the blockchain), orphan block could be a difficulty for miners as they occur the most. track orphan blocks on the network and these blocks often get created from 1 to 3 times on every single day. In Bitcoin, a new block is mined in 10 minutes that means around 144 block rewards will be available to the miners on regular basis. In addition, it also states that more than 1% of blocks mines on daily basis are orphan blocks.

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