What is Rainbow Monero Coin Bank?

With the advent of Bitcoin and its success gave rise to many cryptocurrencies all around the world. Rainbow is one such cryptocurrency out of the 1300 cryptocurrencies currently prevailing. The development methodology followed by the Rainbow coin cryptocurrency is diverse and dissipated like the blockchain is. It is developed by users of the internet which number more than 3200 geographically spread around 157 different nations. It is that cryptocurrency which is a globally funded and works without profit. Likewise, its development model one can also participate and join the movement to suggest the changes to the blockchain which underlies its algorithm of design. Within its short span of advent the Rainbow cryptocurrency it has started getting accepted by major merchants around the world and is also available as a point of sale machine.

One can bypass the bank as well as his cards, the transaction fees by the bank and convert his cellular phone it to when ATM machine. Similarly, Monero is also another kind of cryptocurrency which is untraceable private and secure. Like all cryptocurrencies are it is also open sourced therefore is publicly available for all the people all around the world. Monero makes it possible that you become your own banking solution. By using Monero coin cryptocurrency you are yourself responsible for the funds you have.

People who intrude into the private life of individuals can very well safeguard themselves against the malicious attacks against their privacy by using Monero coin cryptocurrency. Both of these cryptocurrencies Rainbow and Monero offer the private banking solutions by deploying effective wallet mechanism as well as mobile solution platforms. One can keep track of his funds and the way he utilizes them. Anyway, he can create a banking fund for himself by effectively managing his money in different wallets using the proper knowledge of cryptocurrency.

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