What is Multibit?

Multibit is a lightweight bitcoin wallet that is easy to use and extremely fast. It is compatible with all the three major operating systems -Windows, Linux, and Mac. It is a multi-lingual platform and an ideal choice for the non-technical users too. A multibit code is renamed as Multibit Classic and is mainly maintained for network access. It is no longer supported nor being developed further.

It is upgraded to Multibit HD and the latest stable version is the multibit HD v0.3. It is easy to use and ideal for the small merchants and domestic users that use the desktop computers for their day to day bitcoin transactions. Once you download and install the program, you can create a wallet using the Welcome Wizard.

Multibit was acquired by KeepKey sometime in 2016 however, because of several security bugs and other issues, they found it unfeasible to manage and maintain. The company had discontinued its support effective July 2017. They have advised Multibit users to move their keys to other wallet software.

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