What is Monero Wallet?

Monero wallet allows a person to send receive and store the Monero coins using an app which may be deployed for Android or iOS platforms. Monero wallets are also available for desktop computers using a GUI Windows client. If we talk in technical terminology then a Monero wallet can be visualized as an online database address where we have the record of the transactions done in Monero coin.

The features of Monero wallet are as follows: 

 One can login into the Monero wallet account via Google+, Facebook, E-mail or mobile number.
 Monero coins can be sent over any other altcoin wallet too.
 One can top-up the Monero wallet with any of the other cryptocurrency wallets.
 This app provides maximum security and the privacy of the transactions.
 This app has built-in price charts for the latest prices of not just Monero coins but other cryptocurrencies also.

In the event of losing the mobile phone or the device used to access the crypto-coin one just needs to put in his login ID and password to retrieve the Monero account balance. This way the money remains safe with Monero wallet. It also offers QR code support for quick transactions. This app sends email as well as SMS notifications for every transaction. For people who are not from English speaking zone, this app has added advantage as this Monero wallet is available in many languages other than English. It gives the option of sharing the wallet address of Monero wallet via many ways such as WhatsApp or Facebook sharing.

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