What Is Monero Coin Features?

The underlying idea behind the advent of Monero coin cryptocurrency was to establish a complete ecosystem of privacy in making online payments. The philosophical implication of this idea implies that one is able to exchange money for the causes which one believes in without anyone else other than the sender and receiver knowing anything. The idea is encapsulated in many of the features which are found only in Monero cryptocurrency. The most important of the features is stealth address.

While in other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, one has to reveal his real address of the home in order to receive and send the Bitcoin; but in the case of Monero coin one uses a post box office address to send and transact Monero. But using this stealth address the transactions could not be mapped back to the sender and receiver. Ring signature is another important feature which is found in Monero coin cryptocurrency. The ringing structure ensures that your transaction is mixed up with the thousands of transactions which are happening over the network of Monero; however, it doesn't mean that your money shall be lost. Transactions will happen in a normal way as they happen over the blockchain network of any other cryptocurrency. Another feature which distinguishes Monero from other cryptocurrencies is the public view feature. If somebody wants to share his transactions history with anyone else then he can share his public view to the general public so that he may allow the assessment of his account. This is not possible in other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. This helps the international banking channels to work upon this structure to regulate the regular banking activities.

Therefore in a way Monero is private as well as it could be public if the user decides to do so. Another feature which adds laurels to this cryptocurrency is its limited supply which is established through the blockchain provident in the mining algorithm of Monero. Totally opposite to the other cryptocurrencies Monero has a predetermined rate of inflation which is hard wired through programming. By using this feature efficiently Monero blockchain could not be subject to endless inflation and dilution of the intrinsic money value with the time to come.

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