What is Monero Coin Crash?

The crashing of cryptocurrency refers to a phenomenon which is according to some of the monetary experts shall be a condition where the prices of cryptocurrency shall fall flat. In the domain of Monero coin cryptocurrency concept of crashing is that hypothetical condition which as per some of the speculators shall result in the sudden down falling in the rates of Monero coin cryptocurrency. People who predict a future crash in the cryptocurrency makes up their argument by putting an analogy of the dotcom bubble of the 2000s.

At that time the prices of stocks of IT companies in the 2000s grew up highly with unprecedented growth. The stocks swelled to such levels that for the increment in the prices of the shares and stocks of those IT companies was not possible. Therefore the prices fall flat as the rise which came up as a result of huge speculation was utterly unrealistic. The earliest recorded crashing or the bubbling happened in Western Europe in the nation of Netherlands when the prices of tulips went up by exponential proportions. Ultimately the prices fell and many people lost their fortunes and hard earned money who had greedily put up their saved corpus in tulips. Therefore when it was realized that in the closing months of the year 2017 the prices of Monero and other cryptocurrencies are taking a huge leap then some of the self-proclaimed monetary pundits started speculating about the possibility of a future crash in the prices of Monero. Thankfully that crash till date has not happened as was prophesized by some of the monetary experts.

Conversely, there is huge rally happening in the prices of Bitcoin and other premium cryptocurrencies. This surging the price is also trickled down to other non-premium cryptocurrencies such as Monero to take up new heights. If the things in future go the way they are going currently then we seem to have no crash in the prices of Monero coin cryptocurrency.

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