What Is Monero Coin Coinbase?

Coinbase is the currency exchange of the digital cryptocurrency which has its headquarter in San Francisco in the United States. Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange is instrumental in exchange of cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin and takes up a considerable amount of fees as its brokerage charges. Coinbase provides its process of exchanging of digital cryptocurrencies as listed above with the fiat currency actively in 32 countries. It also provides transactions in Bitcoin and the storage services in 190 countries of the world.

The founder of Coinbase is Mr. Brian Armstrong and Mr. Fred Ehrsam. They founded this currency in the July of the year 2011 as a summer project for their startup. In the month of October in the year 2012 their launched company Coinbase started selling it services of buying and selling of Bitcoin by the means of transfer through banks. In the month of May in the year 2013 Coinbase come got its first investment in the form of venture capital from the firm the name of which was Union Square Ventures. Therefore the Union Square Ventures provided 5 million US dollars as its investment amount. In the month of October in the year 2017 Coinbase had announced the instant purchasing of Litecoin and Bitcoin cryptocurrency by the users by deploying a bank account in the United States of America.

On the 9th of October in the year 2017 Coinbase achieved the great feet by becoming the most liked app on the app store iOS that is Apple app store. Meanwhile, there had been considerable rumors regarding Monero coin cryptocurrency to be traded on Coinbase exchange. However, till date, there has been no confirmation from the company of person regarding the same. It is yet to see when the Coinbase exchange shall start trading the Monroe coin cryptocurrency.

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