What is Monero Coin Block Reward?

Monero coin block reward refers to the rewarding of the next block to be mined to the miners which are present in a mining pool with the stated aim of mining of Monero coin cryptocurrency. In this process, rewards are paid to the miners for each of the blocks by the procedure of any transaction which is happening over the exchange of cryptocurrency additionally giving the fees for transactions which is attached to the transactions included in that particular block. It happens when people with the wish of mining of cryptocurrency cannot accumulate enough computing resources; some of which are to be invested in the mining equipment such as ASIC miners or on the GPUs. In such conditions, they have to join the mining pools for Monero cryptocurrency mining.

Such mining pools are available over various portals dedicated for the sole purpose of cryptocurrency mining. One needs to choose a mining pool intelligently by gathering the information as there are some fake people who are operating such mining pools and are not completely transparent in backing the rewards in a proportion of the contribution of the computing power deployed by a particular miner. So the block reward of any mining activity is divided in a proportion of the computing capability put in by an individual miner present in the mining pool.

Therefore for the process of Monero coin mining activity in mining pool refers to that group of people who are aggregating their computing capabilities to solve the underlying algorithmic problems using their specialized hardware from their homes. The process of finding blocks is divided into the number of members who are present within the pool. Ultimately everyone present in the pool has to utilize whatsoever computing resources he has at his disposal to contribute to the process of mining. This way a block reward is earned in the process of Monero cryptocurrency mining.

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