What is Monero coin AntMiner?

AntMiner is a specific ASIC miner which is used to mine varied cryptocurrencies. When the AntMiner is used to mine the Monero cryptocurrency it is known as Monero coin AntMiner. The full form of ASIC is application specific integrated circuit. ASICs are specialized hardware which is used to solve complex algorithmic mathematical problems which are caused by the underlying programming of the particular cryptocurrency. Now these ASIC miners are in wide use because there is huge competition in the field of Monero cryptocurrency mining. The efficiency of an ASIC miner or any other computing hardware which is taken into use to mine a cryptocurrency is measured in hash rates.

Earlier when there was lesser competition in the field of mining of cryptocurrency people were able to simply mine the cryptocurrency using the CPUs of their personal computers. When the competition grew up it became progressively difficult to use the same hardware to mine the cryptocurrency. Then specialized graphical processing units were used to mine the cryptocurrencies. These graphical processing units are known as GPUs to be used in common language. The main task of the Graphical Processing Unit is to provide the hardware support for a high resource is driven three-dimensional video games which are played on the computer. As they offer additional processing speed they were taken into use. Coming into the year 2015 and 2016 more and more people at the exponential rates have started grafting into the field of cryptocurrency mining.

Therefore the need arose for specific integrated circuits to be taken in to be deployed as the hardware to solve such great difficult mathematical and algorithmic problems as posed by the programming of that particular cryptocurrency. Therefore for the Monero coin cryptocurrency’s specialized algorithms written over were to be solved by the ASIC miners and AntMiner is that ASIC miner which is specifically used to mine Monero cryptocurrency.

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