What is Monero Blockchain?

A cryptocurrency blockchain refers to the dissipated database which keeps on growing by having the record of every one of the transactions which occur inside the mining pool. So by the Monero blockchain, we refer to the underlying technology which is the base of transactions happening inside the mining pool. Also called as Monero ledger because the database has a big list of transactions which occur inside the ecosystem of the currency pool. In the case of need, the Monero transactions are closely packed together and divided into blocks for every passing 120 seconds duration and all the miners and the supernotes in the web of crypto coins have to maintain the copies of the blocks.

The major difference between the Bitcoin and the Monero blockchain is that the actions which occur over the Monero blockchain are totally anonymous and never reveal the sources of funds and the destination account of the fund holder. One more cryptographic feature of the Monero is that it has a small piece of code known as ringCT which hides the amount of cryptocurrency transferred within the system as well outside the system. If one needs to audit the system to bring about transparency one can also view the key to prove that one has the requisite amount of coins of Monero present.

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