What is Monero APP?

The term Monero app refers to mobile phone application of the Monero cryptocurrency. It works like any other mobile wallet app. Many third-party apps are also available on mobile phone platforms. These platforms include android iOS desktop computers. This app software features such as receiving sending and storing the Monero cryptocurrency. Other features are as follows.

• Mobile app provides beautiful and simple interfaces.

• Apps are hundred percent secure buy two-factor authorization.

• The app supports multilingual interface for non-English speaking people.

Whenever you will have any transaction in your wallet the actual produce email notification as well as SMS notification.

• For quick transactions app also provides for QR code reading.

• For additional security, the Monero app provides touch id as well as a pin code.

• Quick account building is possible by mobile phone Google plus account Facebook account or email account.

• The top-up facility for the Monero app is available by any of the altcoins.

• A display is available for the current prices of the Monero cryptocurrency in fiat currency.

• The Monero app wallets are also accepted at merchant vendors in some of the countries to be accepted as legal tender.

• Faultless 24/7 client service is provided by the Monero app.

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