What is Mining RIG?

The mining rig essentially refers to computers systems which are employed for mining Bitcoins. This rig can be a dedicated miner depending on where it had been constructed and run specifically for mining purposes or it may be a computer which satisfied other requirements like which worked as a gaming system and that may be used for mining on the part-time basis. By mining is meant the process of extraction of cryptocurrency token from block chains. When it is Ethereum, this will entail computers which constantly run hashing algorithm.

To begin with, the mining rig will demand a lot of processing power. You can get this through the GPU or Graphic Processing Units that are typically used for making 3D graphics for the video games. Mining may be done with CPUs too hat link the software and hardware in computers. GPUs are used for running the same tasks repeatedly and this makes these perfect for hashing on the block chains. Till very recently the GPUs had been made for PC video gamers but ever since these have also doubled up in mining, there is a resultant shortage of these in the market. When you find graphics cards, your next task would be to get hold of power supplies and a motherboard which can handle the GPUs running together at the same time.

Mining Rig Companies

In such a competitive cryptocurrency sphere, just a few mining rig manufacturer companies can be trusted. These companies are manufacturing dedicated mining rigs. One of the renowned name in the crypto market, Bitmain provides two mining rigs, such as S9 series and Antminer brand. Both of these machines consumers around 845-1375 Watts and solves hash rate at 8.6 to 12.9 TH/s.

In addition, another mining hard manufacturer, Canaan launched Avalon 721 ROQ Solid Miner that uses ‘smart layout’ and 16 nm ASIC chips. This mining rig operates at the hashing rate of 6 TH/s and consumes 900 to 1200 watts. Also, Avalon postures open-source repository for the mining software too.

Customized Mining Rigs 

These type of mining rigs can also be considered. Miners can easily collect data station via devices and parts from various companies. 

Estimate Mining ROI 

Calculating mining ROI is a viable option. It can be done using variables offered by the mining rig’s performance. Nevertheless, there are plenty of mining calculators are available online in order to evaluate ROI and performance of miner. However, must remember that time frame of ROI will differ each day as per the mining difficulty of network and changing electricity cost.

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