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For the uninitiated, there has been a paradigm shift in the way the world handles digital finances. Gone are the days when shell companies could stow away billions of dollars without any ramifications. With the exposure of many illegitimate goings-on at international levels, there was a significant animosity towards usual systems of economics. Cut to today, when secure hash algorithms generate virtually unbreakable records of financial transactions that are validated by a decentralized network of processing units. This network of machines that attempt the common goal of solving intricate mathematical problems can be collectively called a crypto miner pool.

Part of the miner pool can be small to mid-range machines that contribute their processing power to the overall task of gaining an answer to the complex problem tasked to the entire miner pool. Hence, each of these parts is called a miner gate, since it allows access to the network and the resulting share of the cryptocurrency being mined.

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As part of a big group, the profit gained is directly linked to the cryptocurrency generated by that pool. Apportioning the profit is also proportional to the hashing power, or calculations performed in the successful achievement of the data that pertains to the problem. So, if you deploy a custom-built graphics processor unit to run iterations of the hash algorithm (generally SHA 256 or a derivative thereof), the returns will be better compared to a normal laptop or desktop. Overclocking processors is being done for newer cryptocurrencies, which is your call to take – or you can leave it to the expert team at HashGains.
Various software programs crowd the judgment of individual miner gate owners, but you can always gain better clarity by checking out the plans HashGains offers.

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