What is Rainbow Litecoin bank?

Rainbow cryptocurrency is one of the more than 1300 cryptocurrencies which are prevalent in the market. A positive thing about the Rainbow cryptocurrency is that its source code has been crowd sourced from more than 3000 uses of Internet scattered around 160 countries across the globe. It has happened for the first time in the world especially in the domain of cryptocurrency that an alternative crypto coin has been launched which belongs to the people and is managed and governed by a worldwide not-for-profit company. The token of Rainbow is sold as TWNKL over the major cryptocurrency exchanges of the world. The current price of the initial coin offering of the Rainbow cryptocurrency token stands at 0.01 United States dollar. The initial coin offering was done on the date of 6th of November in the year of 2017. The initial coin offering was ended on 17th of November in the same year; thus giving only 11 days for the people to come up and join the movement supporting the Rainbow cryptocurrency. Holding company of the Rainbow cryptocurrency is registered in the Delaware in the United States of America. To give an edge and a worldwide appeal to the Rainbow cryptocurrency it has been decided by the founding members of the Rainbow Foundation that the board shall consist of 7 individuals which shall be among those people who hold the Rainbow cryptocurrency and shall be from 7 different continents of the world. It has been put to a guarantee that nobody shall be able to alter with the rules or in any way could be able to get a manipulation hack into the cryptocurrency Rainbow. Rainbow is just like Litecoin cryptocurrency which has become a de facto model to be followed by the banks to ease up their transactions by deploying the blockchain technology to verify their transactions.

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