What is Litecoin server?

In the domain of computing, a server is that software of the computers made for the hardware which is instrumental in giving functionality to the programs or other devices which may colloquially be called as clients. This model of providing services from a central point to the diverse and dissipated receptors of information is often called as client-server architecture. In the domain of cryptocurrency, the server is that central nodal point from which if particular mining pool is mapped over a network of that particular cryptocurrency. A server might serve a number of clients and it is also possible that the server is designed to serve only a specific singular specialized client. Particularly if we come in the domain of Litecoin Crypto mining; a Litecoin server could be the formation of a centralized pool of resources from which the information regarding the mining procedures is dissipated to other minor miners which are associated by the common aim of mining of Litecoin. Litecoin which is also known as LTC is a P2P type of cryptocurrency which is licensed under open source end user agreement. The license under which Litecoin is released is known as MIT / X 11 license. Like any other cryptocurrencies, this Litecoin crypto coin too is an open source protocol of cryptography and is not governed by any of the centralized authorities in the world. It took its inspiration from the technological innovation underlining the Bitcoin and in many ways quite similar to the Bitcoin. Howsoever there are considerable differences between the Bitcoin and the Litecoin. Litecoin processes a block within 150 seconds while on the other hand Bitcoin takes up to 10 minutes. The proof of work algorithm which is underlining the Litecoin is Scrypt which eventually requires a greater amount of memory than the algorithm which is underlying the Bitcoin.

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