What is Litecoin kaufen?

Kaufen means the act of purchasing in the German language. Hence by the term Litecoin kaufen the mean of the activity of purchasing of Litecoin crypto currency. Litecoin was engineered with the stated mission and vision to improve upon the inherent flaws which were present in the blockchain of Bitcoin. Earlier the creator of Litecoin who was also a member of the Core Team of blockchain of Bitcoin tried to improve upon the flaws which were present in the Bitcoin by being in the Bitcoin team itself. But he soon realized that he could not accumulate enough consensus which is required to bring about any change in the blockchain of Bitcoin. Therefore the only option which was left before him was to move out with the forking of the code and bring himself and new cryptocurrency having the course structure of Bitcoin minus flaws which he considered necessary to be eradicated. Litecoin is an improved version of a Bitcoin in the sense that its algorithm is Scrypt which is quite lighter and could be executed on less resource intensive machines too for the purpose of Litecoin cryptocurrency mining. On the other hand we have in Bitcoin the mining algorithm with the name of SHA 256 which is not quite modification friendly. After SHA 256 he started working on the transaction time of the block generation which in the case of Bitcoin stands at 600 seconds that is exactly 10 minutes. With his improved code of the blockchain of Litecoin the creator of Litecoin drastically reduce the a transaction time of block generation by 4 times and brought the time at just 150 seconds which is two and a half minutes to be precise. Not just this he also made it possible that the total hard capping of the coins which could be generated by the algorithm of the Litecoin remains 4 times of the Bitcoin that is 84 million.

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