What is Litecoin history?

A former employee of the Google the name of whom is Mr. Charlie Lee released Litecoin using an client which is open source on the platform GitHub on the date of 7th of October in the year 2011. The network of Litecoin was made to go live on the date of 13th of October in the year 2011. Litecoin is a forked version of the core of Bitcoin. The main difference between the Litecoin and the Bitcoin is in the block generation timing which is lessened by one fourth in Litecoin if we compare it to the Bitcoin core client. Litecoin takes only 150 seconds to generate the next block while in the case of Bitcoin the block generation time is 600 seconds that is 10 minutes. The less block generation time gives Litecoin and upper edge over the core enthusiasts of Bitcoin while giving the same experience of Bitcoin without the delay which is one of the most important impediment causing the popularity of Bitcoin to be overshadowed by alternative cryptocurrencies such as Ripple, Monero, Zcash, Ethereum etc. One other major difference between the Bitcoin and the Litecoin is the underlying algorithm of mining which in case of Bitcoin is SHA 256 while in the case of Litecoin the algorithm is Scrypt. During the passage of the month in November of year 2013 the total market capitalization of the Litecoin went through a massive gigantic exponential growth thereby doubling it size within the passage of 24 hours. It achieved market capitalization of a whopping amount of dollar 1 billion in the month of November in the year 2013. Within the next 4 years in the year of 2017 the total market capitalization of Litecoin went up to 4 times of what it was just 4 years before. Hence, not just the history but the future of Litecoin seem very bright.

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