What is Litecoin Explorer?

The term Litecoin Explorer refers to a user interface of the transactions of the Litecoin happening in in the ecosystem of the Litecoin cryptocurrency. The process of cryptocurrency mining involves the solution of heavy algorithmic problems which is beyond the human capability. As such to solve such bulky calculations that is the process of mining is to be done through computers. The computing resources to is a constraint upon the ability of how much cryptocurrency one would be able to mine in and mining operation. In the earlier days of cryptocurrency mining the central processing units were used as mining hardware for the process of Litecoin mining. As such a frontend software was required which was able to show in a graphical manner the internal processes going on in the mining process of light. Was required. Therefore the frontend was devised as a way so that a person using a simple personal computer or a tablet or after smartphone can see the internal processes of mining of how many nodes are remaining in the pool and hash rate currently generated by the mining hardware etc; kind of statistics could be shown and hence people having left technical inclination could also able to appreciate the work done by the mining machine. However soon it was realized that the usual mining hardware of the personal computers having the desktop chipset were not sufficient for this tough task of cryptocurrency mining particularly of the Litecoin. Therefore graphical processing units were aggregated together to form the mining rigs and explore through and router software which could be shown on a screen known as Litecoin explorer. As the time passed these mining apparatus could also not be relied on as the size of transaction was incrementing day by day; therefore, application specific integrated circuits were the only way which was open to the mining people dedicated for the task of Litecoin cryptocurrency mining.

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