What is Litecoin crash?

Crash is a financial term the meaning of which is the sudden falling in the prices of any commodity or equity. Such kinds of crash have happened so often in the known history of United States of America as well as of the other Western European nations. One such crash was the dot com bubble of the 2000s. It so happened that mindlessly people started investing too heavily in the companies which were Information and Technology related. As the World Wide Web was not very popular those days; people often used to call the websites as dot coms. It was due to the fact that majority of the websites at those times; had this suffix dot com the end. It was also due to the fact that the information technology companies used to market themselves as dot com in the popular media. With the speculation of earning very happy sums on the investments people in the grab of a mania started buying the stocks and shares of the IT companies in mass. This resulted in a massive speculative bubble in the prices of stocks and shares of the IT companies. Ultimately the IT companies couldn't generate enough revenue as was speculated by the bubble condition. Therefore, at once the prices of the IT companies come shattered and it was called a crash. A similar conditions in the domain of cryptocurrencies happened giving a rise in the prices of cryptocurrencies after the Thanks giving Day in the United States when people started buying massively amounts cryptocurrency. Speculators all around the world started becoming cynic and started questioning the people against a future crash in the prices of cryptocurrency. Majorly the booming of prices happened in Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. However, still till date there is not an iota of crash which seems to happen in any of the cryptocurrencies and the prices are constantly incrementing. Therefore it seems that the Litecoin crash which was the word coined by the cynics holds no ground.

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